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Packing District Vision

A Promising Future

The Packing District is a culmination of efforts stretching back almost 100 years. This place began with a man, Dr. Phillips, who sought to give citrus to the world while using his profits to give back to his community. Over the years, the business and his impact on the community grew. Then, with the passing of the family and the selling of the business, the profits were entrusted to Dr. Phillips, Inc. an organization created to carry out the charitable legacy of Dr. Phillips. Since 1953, the organization has been giving back and has gained the respect of the community to do the right thing.

Today, we have two big questions: (1) What do you do when a family entrusts you to carry out their legacy? and (2) What do you do when a community entrusts you to make their lives better? For us, weve translated this into being community builders. Like Dr. Phillips built his citrus enterprise, we are trying to build and enhance our community; always pushing ourselves to do the right thing for each individual we have the privilege to impact.

The Packing District will be a place where this mission comes together. We are building a new community node for the city, stitching together neighborhoods and honoring the legacy of this special place. In 100 years from now, the Packing District will be a place for the community that Dr. Phillips looks back on with pride.

Kenneth D. Robinson
Dr. Phillips Charities

Packing District Vision